Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Entering my Jerusalem

     When it was the right time for Jesus to accomplish His ultimate mission, He finally set off to Jerusalem, capital of Israel and the seat of government, during Passover--an occasion whereby many people flocked the city to join the festivities. By doing so, Jesus moved out of His private life, in which He had silently worked to teach the Gospel amongst the poor and the sinners, to a public life marked by many dramatic events leading to His destiny--His passion, death and resurrection.

     This particular stage in the life of Jesus inspired me to follow suit (in a figurative sense). In one way or another, I have pondered for so long about my ultimate destiny in life and these bugging thoughts have almost left me wide awake at night--but not entirely since I have lately been experiencing sleeping disorder. In the wee hours of early morning, I have gone through rediscovering what I really want to achieve in my life and how I envision myself. I have thought about my future plans based on self-fulfilment and appraised my capabilities in achieving my goals.

     I have always wanted to be independent and take a hundred percent responsibililty of my life. I want to understand basic truths and reasons that I experienced myself and not because other people, or stories I have read from books and seen from movies, told me so. I want to know how every victory or misery tastes in every sense of the word. By that, I would have no regrets and what-ifs later on.

     Entering my Jerusalem means facing reality, accepting challenges and realizing my passions. For me, life would be futile without any purpose. You can stay in your comfort zone, you can watch a breathtaking scenery outside the window sitting in a couch, but you can never run wild and say "I was there."

     Despite the unfortunate incident that happened to me a couple of days ago, I am glad because I had a confrontation with my boss and finally expressed my desire to seek a different opportunity. I am happier because I did it in a way that would not break my good relationship with my employer. Somehow, he understood my aspiration to pursue another education and even gave me a compliment for being courageous.

     I am excited about starting a life anew. I know it would be difficult at first but I have faith in God and confidence in myself. I totally agree with Paulo Coelho when he twitted, "Life is the train, not the station." We will actually never know where we are going but we can always enjoy the ride wherever life would take us. 

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