Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Digging out

Lookie! What have I found?

THIS used to be my blog. This is already vintage. My last post was nine months ago! If this were impregnated, I'm already expecting a baby. I am astounded! My feelings are ineffable! I have found a buried treasure! Exclamation point after exclamation point!

THIS used to be where I pour my emotions out when I need to vent, where I speak out loud when I'm too reserved to share my ideas, and where I become strong and bold (or pretend to be) when I feel down. Expressing myself has always been a challenging task, and most of the time, I find social media, especially Twitter, an outright outlet of what's going on in my mind and heart.

However, I realize that blogging is something different. When you decide to blog or write about what you think or feel, you start loving yourself. You begin to accept your flawed being and you are not ashamed to share it to the world. You acknowledge your human weaknesses and vulnerabilities and you try to look at them from a different vantage point. You position yourself as an observer and narrator of your own life. When you write about your past mistakes and problems, your apprehensions and concerns, your ambitions and dreams, you are putting sands in a clam. Sooner or later, those that you consider dirts and nonessentials in your life would turn into a beautiful pearl. You realize that your shadows weren't there if there wasn't light. For every significant event in your life, there's a purpose and in hindsight, God has always been at the helm working in your life!

I have learned from Bo Sanchez's "YOUNIQUE" series that the "YOU" is shaped by your past, your pain, and your passion aligned with your potential. All of them defines your purpose. My past, my pain, and my passion are right here in this blog. When I revisit all of them, I feel more alive, confident and overjoyed because I know everything will come to pass and God has helped me through it all.

When I think about writing as my passion, I am inspired. There's a blazing fire kindled in me! I know this is what I want and it would make me happy. I am strongly considering a writing career and I am very positive that I will be able to chase my dream and enliven my passion. But it would just die down if I don't develop my potential. I had given up on blogging for months now because currently I have a job in a different field, but I am determined to keep on improving my writing skills. That's why I'm so glad to have found this hidden treasure which I had chosen to bury a long time ago. I'm digging it out once again.

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