Monday, November 1, 2010

Why I blog?

I havent't realized that I would be writing again a post after such a long time of three months. Yeah, last post was July 22. I was still in India back then. At the end of the same month, I went home to Bacolod and after two weeks, I went back again to India. The rest was history from that point until now. I don't wanna go back to what's in between but I can say it was a tunnel I had victoriously emerged from; that is, in one sentence, I survived! Thank God! Not really a very dark tunnel, but somehow, I considered the experience quite a challenge that tested my determination and fighting spirit.

The ability to write, I believe, is something that deteriorates over time if not practised. It becomes tarnished and eventually loses its shimmer if not rubbed and polished with the appropriate chemicals. These chemicals come in different forms, may it be your efforts, actions, or experiences either directly or indirectly. Just like in any other field, your skills are your arms in this competitive world if you were into expanding and growing your career. Well, I'm not really destined to be a writer but I had once thought of becoming one. But even though I'm on a different career path right now, I still have interest in writing and would want to improve in this particular skill, the reason why I'm blogging. Aside from that, blogging is also a form of stress relief! You can get to have emotional downpour if you want anywhere and anytime as long as you have access to www. Blogging is also one way of sharing your own ideas to the world! Well, if they could read this. I can say there are a lot of wonderful benefits blogging has to offer and I couldn't think of anything negative (aside from plagiarism perhaps or spreading gossips) especially to an introverted person like me. Aside from that, blogging is free form! You don't have to have perfect grammar or use highly intellectual words in order to write a blog post. As long as your readers can understand what you want to express and you can translate your ideas in a clear and colorful way, blogging is not something very complicated. In fact, it becomes enjoyable and gives you opportunities for self-reflection or introspection. You don't also have to write a post everyday or you may want to if your drive is strong enough to keep the sounds of the keyboard in harmony. As long as you can keep the engine running, blogging can help you a lot in self developement. Whatever ideas you come across everyday, you may want to write a post about it. A post may not be necessarily very long and you can keep it short and simple. There is a form of blogging nowadays called microblogging. If you have a Twitter account or Tumblr (I haven't used it though), you can start your own venture into microblogging. I hope I would have much time for that as well.

Oh, at the time I publish this post, I hope it's November 1st. And I'd like to greet everyone Happy Halloween, All Saints' Day, and All Souls' Day! I'll miss the celebration back home but I think for now I'll just be lingering onto memories such as going to the cemetery, lighting a candle for mother and grandfather, eating sticky food, going to aunt's place, feeling the spooky environment, texting friends and forwarding scary messages, and others. November and December for me are the best times of the year back home! I hope I could make it on Christmas there.

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