Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Unwind Island

There was no Internet connection in the apartment for the past three days so this post is delayed but I want to give it a space here. Well, I just wanna talk about the team party we had last Friday, July 16. It was a nice and fun get-together of teams for the Singapore Airlines Project at Sapient and one of my fresh experiences in the corporate world. I like the fact that the company does not only care about the effort put by the employees in their jobs day in and day out but it also cares about making the workplace exciting and stress free for each individual. The company ensures that the stay and experience of an employee are always memorable and worthwhile.
Before the aforementioned party which is only exclusive for teams belonging to Singapore Airlines Project, Sapient had also organized another fun activity on the same day - a Sing-Along or more known to us as Videoke. It was very nice only that I was shy to sing a song. Had I joined, it would have been a Charice-like moment for me. Kidding aside, I didn't have the guts to sing a Hindi song and I could not bear the rowdy audience composed mostly of Indians of course. So I just sat down at the back and watched the cheers and applauses roll. I can only remember one song in which I actually sang along. That is Bon Jovi's "Always" among the many Hindi ones. I had hoped for Jai Ho though.

That activity was held at the cafeteria on the 7th floor. We only went there to at least witness the event but I had no intention to join the singing spree whatsoever. After a short while, we went back to our desks. At around 6:00 P.M. we went down to the bus that will take us to the place where the party would be held. It was my first time also to ride a company bus that passed through a different route in the city. Like half an hour later, we all arrived at The Unwind Island. The mood of the place is like a beach resort, if you're a person with good imagination, less the beach itself and the scorching sun. Nevertheless, it was the place to unwind! How I wish I could go back to Boracay. Maybe one of these times when I have money. I always have time I guess. The party was not quite a party as I expected technically speaking. It's because we were dressed in the same work clothes, women didn't have makeup, and men didn't put hairsprays. Everyone who attended just wanted to have fun and to get to know each other. There were even games!

Yes, there were in fact three games. I don't know the exact name given to these games but I could devise something. The first one is a Counting Cirle. One of us was chosen to start the game. That person told us the day he was born, for instance, he was born on the 15th, and then the 15th person from him will go out of the circle and tell something about himself like name, country, among others. He will then reveal the day he was born and from him, the loop begins. It was a good getting to know activity. The second game was called Bono. It's a game in which you pick a paper from the lot and a name of an animal is written on that piece of paper. You will then try to make a sound like that of the animal you have picked. Let's say you picked a cow so you will go "Moooo." Everyone will wear a blindfold and will try to produce that sound and find each other until all are grouped together accordingly. The last game was simply Balloon Bursting. It was nice to play those kinds of games for awhile and to be away from the seriousness and exigency of our jobs.

I really thought it was a typical party. I planned not to attend if it was so. But to my delight, it was not! I don't like typical parties where everyone is so dressed up. It was a kind of party I liked. The things worth memorable for me are the games, the eating, and the drinking. Dinner was served, everyone ate heartily, and went away with a bottle or two of beer or a glass of vodka mixed with fruit juice or soda. Others played beach volleyball presuming there was indeed a beach. And I joined those who walked around for sightseeing. It was truly a rewarding treat for all the hard work everyone has done! As for me, I am very grateful for the four months I have stayed in the company. Fingers crossed for more to come.

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