Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dreamers Don't Dream Only

This week started with a BIG IDEA. Our boss opened up about his plans to come up with a breakthrough innovation that will change the world... Something that will turn us into instant billionaires; not a get-rich-quick-scheme one but a sensational technology the whole world will get crazy about, the likes of Facebook, Twitter, or eBay.

Not bad, is it? It sounds like a great idea although too ambitious. To get us all motivated, he asked us to read a book entitled “Disciplined Dreaming” by Josh Linkner. The book is amazing and covers about real-world experiences and stories of how creativity in the workplace has significantly contributed to the success of every big business.

I have not entirely read the book yet but after perusing more than half of the pages, I have realized nothing is too ambitious. A big idea always starts with a small one. Facebook started as a very badly constructed website and evolved into what it is today. The main idea behind it is to find ways on how to connect people: old classmates, friends and colleagues. It was a plain and simple idea that turned out into something phenomenal. They may have gone through a lot of difficulties and challenges but that did not let them get stymied from their big dream because they have that blazing passion within them.

Dreaming is not about imagining what you want in life. In fact, it is not as easy as that. You have to make the steps to fully actualize your dreams. These steps, as detailed in the book, are ASK, PREPARE, DISCOVER, IGNITE, and LAUNCH.

I consider myself as a dreamer. As stated in my blog profile, I am a dreamer for myself, my family, and my country. But the question I have in mind is, if I will be able to realize my dreams and get rich, but still, there are a lot of poor people in the Philippines, what would be next? There is a huge difference between dreaming for oneself and dreaming for others. I am just glad that one organization, Gawad Kalinga, is gradually realizing the dream to end poverty in our country. I am also overwhelmed that I have been a part of that dream that will surely be made into reality. If I am able to dream big for others and my country, I have also the power to dream for myself. And, dreaming for oneself should always include others.

Some people say that if you are going to dream, don't settle for something small. There are also certain things I consider as big dreams. The spark to come up with this big idea might have originally come from my boss and since I am working for him, I have to become part of his dream also. His dream may not be the same as mine but this should not make me cynical about his dream. I have a different set of dreams but I think what I can do for him now would inspire me to follow my own way also.

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