Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What am I looking for in my career?

I've been a Computer Science graduate and in two years of immersing in the real world, I have found that not half of the courses I have learned from college I have applied in actual work. We've been given a dozen of theories and been bogged by rigorous academic tasks, but only a few of them have been useful in practice. That's the reason I can say I still have a vague idea of what career I'm looking for. If you are a medical student, you are sure you're going to work in a hospital and treat sick people. If you are an architecture graduate, you will surely want to design buildings. But if you are a Computer Science student, there will be a lot of choices you can make for technology is a variety.

As a fresh graduate two years ago, I have ventured into a challenging work of business integration by learning TIBCO software. I have been eager enough to uncover its intricacies by perusing loads of documentations and engaging in actual projects abroad. It has been a very interesting job for me. But that did not leave me wondering about the what ifs, the possibilities of being able to work in other fields, such as programming or networking. At this point in time, I still think of pursuing my dream career of being a Java developer because that's what got me interested the most in I.T. when I was in college. As young as I am, I still have the vigor and energy to go out to the world, to explore, and to find my niche. At times, I have the tendencies to be lethargic and to be daunted by the outside world, but I still would want to be fearless enough to discover what is really for me, what feels right, and what would make me happy. 

You can't be a jack of all trades, master of none. The desire to explore doesn't make you want to have everything or know everything, you just want to know anything there is in the world. And how can you find something if you don't move out and search for it? At the same time, the desire to explore could mislead you to the wrong trail. Having a passion is something I admire from other people. I don't have a kind of passion yet and it may take years and years for me to know it. Lucky are those who have found it sooner in their lives. For now, I just want to find that passion. I don't want to be halfhearted or half-baked in a career. I want to be the perfect fit for a career. In two years that I studied TIBCO, I tried and worked hard not just to be a jack but to be master of it. But now, there are certain factors that sap my energy. It could be that it would not be the most sustainable career for me, but nothing is ever certain. It could be that that kind of job has lost its appeal to me. If I'd be given a chance to start over again, I will do it. I hope that one day the spark will come.

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