Saturday, April 24, 2010

Busy Week and a Hodgepodge

I have had a busy week this week. On second thought, it's not that I am always busy but I kind of like to get the hang of feeling the busy day. And making the most of the day. If you are busy, you get away from two things: old habits and vices. Well, for me, I was able to get away from the old habit of spending a lot of time in social networks. Before, every time I feel the skin of my computer, I always see to it that I check out my e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter. I even installed a program called Digsby so that I can access all my IM accounts, mail boxes, and social sites in just one client application. Now, I ask myself the question "Why do I have to?" I was able to manage to live a day without these social sites before so why can't I today? When I finally got the answer to that query, I decided to limit myself (but not entirely) from this kind of practice so that I can shove the addiction before it eats me away. I knew I have conquered this thing in the past. How much more now?

Going back to the present, I do not only like but most appropriately love the things I do today. This whole experience of going to India and being able to work in a large I.T. company is a huge feat for me. I consider this as a great accomplishment. I realize that I am destined to be part of the I.T. industry. For one, I love to think very hard. Second, I love to create and recreate. Third, I love to solve problems. Yes, problems! Right now, I don't have any problems such as a financial problem. I have money more than I need and I'm just saving it for a very important future use. It's certain that we don't know the future, do we?

Going back to social sites, one friend posted on my wall "Busy kna?ala kna mau pabatyag FB hw?" (Busy? You don't get in touch on FB anymore). Last time, my cousin also tweeted something like this: "Pa batyag batyag kman" (Get in touch). I know he was talking about getting in touch with my family which I seldom do. I'm not sure if "seldom" is the right term. Maybe, "once in a blue moon?" (Haha) I'm kind of guilty but it doesn't seem to be true in a strictest sense. We don't have to say a word to make someone feel he's special. I am not the type of person who is going to say the sweetest words because I believe I'm a person with few words. Words are precious and according to a quote, "You are a slave to your own written words." It is said that one word could either make a woman fall in love or break her heart. Words could also either change a person's life or make it miserable. Words could create another dimension and they could wrap you into an entirely different world. I am always marveled to watch a movie based on a book. According to Bo Sanchez, "Words become your reality."

I think I'm a kind of person who is emotionally attached with things. I cried and grieved when our two dogs were murdered. I walked very fast and covered my laptop as hard as I could when I got caught in the rain. I keep on thinking for a couple of days when a friend doesn't talk to me. I know I am emotionally vulnerable. I consider it as a weakness sometimes but I also consider it as a strength at the same time. I don't know how to explain it in a lengthy manner but I can just feel it. Lately, I just felt that a friend doesn't want to talk to me. I sent a message over FB chat. I waited for several minutes for her to respond but nothing came. Disappointed was I. Maybe, she was away from the computer. Or maybe she don't just want to talk. Maybe. Just maybe.

If you'd ask me, do I miss you? I may say not. I may say I do. This whole experience of being in India is incredible. I got to be independent and self-reliant. I got to be more outgoing perhaps. I like that I'm on the field. I perform my niche. On the other hand, I miss Bacolod. I miss my family. I miss my friends. I will miss the Presidential elections! OMG. It would be my first time to vote supposedly. The next time I can vote for President of the Republic, I will be 27 years old! I couldn't believe it. It's going to be one generation for the country. I always pray that the Filipino people will choose the right leaders. I always have high hopes for my country. Even if my vote will not be counted, I will say that Gibo is going to win. Words become a reality, right? I hope so.

2GB Random Access Memory is not a luxury, it's scarcity! With three to five big programs I need to run on my computer, I would at least need 1GB more. One remedy is not to buy cheap RAM at the moment (funny to say), but to remove some start up programs (programs that start at boot up) and uninstall some apps. As far I can remember, I have removed a set of start up programs on my computer. One of them is Digsby. Hmm, what else?

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