Sunday, April 18, 2010


Friday night is probably the time when I can oversleep and yes I did it! When there's no work the following day, why not? Kidding aside, the reason that I woke up late earlier this Saturday was that I'm not used to sleeping alone in a very silent room! Killer silence it is! Noises and disturbances from outside (if there's any) could not reach you while inside the room, thus, I've had a very nice slumber and I just woke up on time for our malling day!

Today is the day that I have received my first pay for my contractual work in India. Yes, it feels nothing ordinary. The three of us ramped up our opportunity to enjoy our salary by going to malls, eating, shopping, and roaming around city. It was so much fun!

Bangalore City, India is a place where you can find a lot of malls. These are malls where people don't just stroll but shop! The funny thing is that (and I know it) in the Philippines, most people go to malls to breathe cool air, meet with friends, or simply roam around, but in India, people usually go to malls to buy stuffs. This time, we had our own glimpse of malls in India justifying these malls' purpose by of course spending a few of our cash. Oh yeah, only a few because I'm sort of saving money for something else important.

First, we went to Forum mall to claim our money at Western Union. And then, we had our lunch at KFC for the nth time again! We were like patrons of KFC because we have already eaten there three or four times already. It's really finger licking good! We relieved ourselves from the hotness and spice of Indian food and KFC is subjectively the only affordable solution around. We ordered a bucket of chicken, fries, rice, and Pepsi. It was delicious food. We entered Megamart, a shopping store there. I bought a shirt and that's all about it.

Next, we went to Lifestyle mall. We didn't do anything special there. We just went around for some sight seeing. We then proceeded to Garuda Mall. We almost got lost on our way because we went another way instead of taking the same path we've had the first time. But making your own way, even though you're doubtful about it, could lead you to a new perspective. So true! Treading a wrong way, we've seen a Catholic Church named Sacred Heart. It was a beautiful church if I'm going to judge it. We've been looking for an accessible church before and now, we have found it! We have taken some pictures of ourselves there and then off we went to the Garuda Mall riding instead an Autorickshaw. An Autorickshaw is similar to a tricycle but Rique (my officemate) said - and he probably witnessed it - that the Autorickshaw can move backwards while the tricycle cannot.

In the Garuda Mall, we have again roamed around for some sight seeing. We went to department stores and tech shops. We window-shopped for iPods, Blackberry, iPhone, cameras, Nokia 5530 (unfortunately I've not seen one), among others. We then decided to go home but outside the mall, we saw some men doing promotions about Staples, a bookstore and tech shop. We got attracted to it and felt excited so we went back to the 5th floor, which was supposedly the 6th because the ground floor is - in a bizarre way - zero, to see what's in store there. We saw an array of gadgets, laptops, MP3 players, headphones, and mice. (It's mouse if you're confused). I remembered I had a crazy mouse that malfunctions at times, hence, I decided to replace it. I bought a mouse and I loved it! It has an artistic design and it's light and small enough to fit in my hands. Cool!

We thought the Central Mall was nearby, thus, we also went there for another sight seeing. After that, we went out and then I saw some books being sold at the sidewalk. I attempted to look at those books and saw some very good ones like John Grisham's, Einstein's, and other classic books. I bought John Grisham's novel "Playing for Pizza" because I like Grisham's legal thriller plots. Rique bought a book entitled "The Secret." I was kind of ecstatic because that was an excellent life-changing book according to reviews and I thought I should have bought that one. But I've already paid mine so maybe, I'll just borrow it from Rique. Those books were nice but I've just observed that they look photocopied from the original one. However, it doesn't matter as long as I'm able to read it and besides, they come at a very cheap price!

We took the 335E Bus going to Big Bazaar. We bought groceries, fruits, and personal stuffs. We then went back straight to our flat riding an Autorickshaw.

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