Friday, July 2, 2010

I was a Cyclop

Another not so good morning for me. I always feel tired every morning. It's not because of anything but I am really moody during mornings. I don't know why. I don't feel like talking to anyone. Most of all, I feel sleepy and I feel bad because I don't want to wake up and I want to sleep more. I am sleepy not because I had something to do the previous night but because of my own fault. I just stay late doing nothing! I'm staying awake all night without doing anything but to think about a lot of things and do crappy stuffs like surfing the Internet, reading online articles, chatting, etc. Sometimes, I stay late to watch FIFA or read inspirational Christian books or literary books. Well, it depends on my mood! At times, I end up frustrated, startled, confused, or emotional until I can't fall asleep anymore! I try hard to close my eyes but the thoughts keep on coming back. They even haunt me in my dreams. I don't understand it but lately, I have been experiencing a lot of sleeping problems. And this morning is one of its consequences!

I woke up on time at a decent 7:30 AM. We usually come out of our rooms to eat breakfast at 8:00 AM. But it wasn't a problem for me. I'm a morning dasher. I do stretching or exercise for 5 minutes. I take a shower for 20 minutes! LOL. Oh, that includes changing clothes and all my personal rudiments. I wasn't really hurrying but as I was putting on the second set of windows of my body (I mean my contact lenses), I dropped one of my contact lenses to the basin! So bad because the faucet was still running and it got flushed by water deep down the pipe and it was gone! Sigh! Now, I only have one left. Despite of that, I still put the other one on my left eye and that makes me a CYCLOP!

Lousy story. My morning was bad as expected. But it couldn't be worse. Anyway, my mind is so easy to adapt to radical changes so it wasn't a big deal for me. In fact, I've just considered it as an additional expense because I have to buy a new set. But it's not a problem after all.

Funny to say and obviously, it is really hard to wear only one contact lens. If ever you'd have a chance to wear contacts, don't ever attempt to do what I did unless the same twist of fate happened to you. One eye has clear vision while the other one is blurred. Technically, I'm not a cyclop because I have two eyes but practically, I am a cyclop at that point because one of my eyes is useless even if it is there. Thus, I considered myself a CYCLOP! How might it feel to be a cyclop? I'd rather be a real cyclop with one eye rather than to be a human with two eyes but the other one is dysfunctional.

I've always loved metaphors and I like to think in terms of metaphors. I think some of us tend to be a cyclop. We may have two eyes but we tend to close one eye to hinder ourselves to see clearly the truth. It always happens in our society. There are many cyclops in our society. They see the obvious and deliberate evils in the society but still they choose not to disclose those. Is it because of fear, ignorance, or security reasons? I am not sure. But for me, it is better to be either wrong or right than to have no stand at all, assuming there is no in between. I always wonder why some people are afraid to commit mistakes. In my part, committing mistakes and accepting them are all part of growing up and of our journey towards maturity. It makes us more human also. I don't abhor them but I don't like people who don't take risks and who are always playing safe.

Literally, I experienced to be a cyclop for about four hours. And I couldn't take it. I went to the mall and bought contact lenses because my head was spinning with only one. I also learned to always try to brighten up my morning because it is the start of the day and the most important part of the day just as the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I should try to be energetic. That would be my only defense.

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