Sunday, July 11, 2010

Let Go

It's Saturday! Yes! This week wasn't a busy one for us because most work in the office had already been done. There were even a lot of idle time. Now, I'm just counting the days! I'm feeling excited to come home. 20 days to go?! It really feels so difficult to be away from home.

Yeah! Again it's Saturday. It's time for some leisure. Firstly, we planned to go to the Foreigners' Registration Office to inquire about the status of our visa extension and then off we would go for some strolling. Unfortunately, we didn't get results so I was little bit disappointed because we were told to come back the following week because the officer-in-charge for the Philippines wasn't there at that moment. So perhaps we need to take a leave from office work to inquire whether our visa extension has already been approved. If still not, Ellen and I must need to secure an exit clearance. But no worries! Why do we have to worry about that? I believe we can pull it through. After that, we got to go for some malling as usual! We went to Mantri Mall and it was my third time to go to that mall. I'm still hooked by it.

The good thing when we go out is that we don't plan out anything. I think that if you don't plan out something that is for fun or leisure, it becomes more enjoyable. You don't get frustrated when things go awry. We just did the common and usual things when one goes malling. That includes walking, looking around, eating, window shopping, shopping (1% probability?!), watching movie, etc. Most of the time, we go for eating, window shopping, and watching movie. This time I didn't plan to watch a movie because I didn't find interest in any currently shown movies which makes me contradict my statement above. Truly, I have proved that if you plan out something for fun, sometimes it doesn't turn out to be fun at all. Thanks to peer pressure, I was convinced to watch that movie. If I didn't watch, I would have just gone home alone.

The movie we watched was the The Last Airbender in 3D. My first impression... wasn't it just another kind of kiddy movie? Yes, I was right. But still it was fun to watch. It didn't have superb animation or special effects but surely it was a pleasure to watch. The lesson I got was "Learn to let go of your emotions like the flowing water." (Loosely quoted) I've realized that there were times when I held on for so long to my emotions. Eventually, I couldn't let go of those emotions that's why today I'm kind of an introvert person. But I'm trying to find my old self again, the more energetic and expressive self. I have liked my old self and it seemed to me that that old self was already buried deep inside me. I can say there were events in my life that changed me a lot. Some people may not know it but last year, I had been living with myself. I slept alone in the house. I had no one to talk to. At that time, I got to see my sisters living in my aunt's house and had a chance to talk to them only on weekends.

Well, back to the present, the day ended well for us. I was a little bit tired (perhaps from walking) but I ate too much that my energy was overflowing. Imagine I ate two cups of English Strawberry Ice Cream! That ice cream was really creamy and delicious. I'll surely miss all of these things when I come home. These will all be part of my memories.

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